Explanation of the Can Do Marine Drug and Alcohol Policy

Aims and Objectives

We will strive to ensure that all workers engaged by Can Do Marine, either as employees or contractors, are in a fit condition to safely carry out their work, and that employees will not be allowed to enter the Can Do Marine workplace or affiliated workplaces like marina's, to carry out work whilst suspected of being under the influence of or suffering from adverse affects of drugs or alcohol. The marine industry has the added responsibility to ensure vessels are repaired correctly, the safety of souls on the seas is paramount.

Instances of wilful abuse of substances, whether legal or illegal, or trafficking of substances that are illegal and/or detrimental to the safe conduct and reputation of Can Do Marine are prohibited, and are cause for immediate termination of employment and removal from the workplace of the person or persons involved.

We strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship at Can Do Marine and make current and future employees aware of our policy. With other employers in the marine industry we want to encourage the recruitment of passionate intelligent persons willing to undertake the training available in the marine industry.

The range of engines and craft now being available to the boating fraternity are exciting to drive and great to work on. As an employee you may get to work on outboard engines producing up to 425 horsepower. Every outboard engine is to be serviced and maintained like a race engine, small blocks producing huge horsepower.

Once fitted to a boat the other support systems must be faultless, fuel, electrical, hydraulics and engine management. Then there's the safety equipment. Employees are responsible for the safety of our customers at sea.