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Suzuki Gearbox Rebuild

Always have your Gearbox serviced once a year, even if you only used it twice in that year.

The ocean is a harsh environment & you could potentially pick up fishing line & trace, or hit reefs that can bend your prop shaft, which can damage or distort your seals & allow salt water to enter your Gearbox.


Have you had a recent prop strike?

During a service we look for damaged seals, bent prop shafts, damaged props, drain & check the oil for water.

Think.......140HP, drive shaft, connected to transmission, smaller than your 70HP car.

The Gearbox works very hard in a harsh environment, any sign of Gear wear or water we recommend that you get Gearbox  repaired soon as possible.

Parts & repairs were recently carried out on a 140HP Suzuki costing the customer $2400.

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