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Older Motors

1985 150HP Yamaha Service & Repair

 Compression is Good - Bore is Good

Replace the Thermo's, Head and Cover Gaskets.

"The 150 is a tough old beast and if in a good condition they will continue being usable for a long time" said Bruce at Can Do Marine. 

Most non commercial 150's would have under 500 hours. They drink fuel fast compared to modern 2 stroke's, but the cost of fuel is not always a big factor, you can't always justify spending thousands on a new motor when your only able to get out twice a year.

Bruce at Can Do Marine advises that you keep your boat engine in a good condition. If you've got a 150HP Yamaha it may be time to service and change the head and cover gaskets.

This motor had a stuck partially opened thermo and a lot of corrosion on the starboard head and cover.

Bruce at Can Do Marine will Clean, Repaint both heads and Continue with the Service. 

The Yamaha 150HP

Repaired Heads, Repainted, Refitted, Completed Service and runs like new.

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