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Free Rodent Check using our highly trained cats!

Rats cause expensive and dangerous things to occur.......


Here is an example of a rat having made a nest in a battery box on top of the battery under the cover, the skipper had also left a packet of pistachio nuts on-board.

On another boat serviced a few years ago the rats had chewed off all the plastic insulation on a positive high tension cable on an aluminium boat. The chances of a electrical sparks and fire was possible. The reason for regular servicing which usually should be every 12 months or 100 hours by a trained technician is that their previous experience shows them where to look for potential problems.

Here's our highly trained cat carrying out a free rodent check....... 









Call Bruce at Can Do Marine to arrange your yearly service and safety check. It's better to have your boat serviced now rather than the inconvenience of a breakdown on the water. There's a need to book your boat in now!

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